Monday, February 21, 2005

Beyond caps in Florida

Interesting angles from both physicians and trial attorneys in Florida.

Limiting the percentage that attorneys can take in contingency, "three strikes and you're out" for physicians hit with three malpractice judgements:

"The new amendment and another one - both pushed by trial lawyers - would force doctors and hospitals to release records of medical mistakes and would revoke the license of any doctor hit with three malpractice judgments. Doctors, hospitals and the state agencies say they are ambiguous and can create confusion.

The amendments are the latest twist in the medical malpractice fight in Florida. The Legislature, which approved a half million dollar cap on some types of malpractice awards two years ago to stem skyrocketing premiums and bring down medical costs, again will find itself thrust in the middle when lawmakers return to work March 8."



Anonymous said...

I was scarred for life by a bad doctor from Ohio at a Florida dermatology office. I went in to have a small mole removed. He may have already had three strikes, and I wish to god someone would have taken away his license before my appt. I am in constant pain he dug so deep and also allowed an intern to assist him. I wish I could have been warned about him. He also scarred a woman I met in town the same way but on her forehead instead of her arm. Both of us should have had a tiny one half inch scar at the most and instead we got a gigantic lightning bolt scar.

In pain in Florida with deep regrets.

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The 3 Strikes Amendment has been dubbed the "Two Strikes and see you later Amendment" by many Physicians. The Florida Legislature is going to clarify the rules and enforcement of this amendment. If it stands as is you will see a mass exodus of Physicians from the State. Health Care costs will increase and it will be the Florida voters who will bare the brunt of their decision. Physician Licensing blog.

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